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Who Is A Sales Engineer And What Skill Set Should They Have

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If you asked yourself who is a sales engineer and what skill set should they have?, you are in the right place! A sales engineer is a type of employee responsible for generating new revenue for their company. They do this by persuading customers to buy new products and services, but the job may involve other tasks related to selling as well, including building relationships with potential clients, researching competitors in sales channels, and creating proposals.

Sales engineers are a well-paid position with a wide range of skills from project management to market research that makes them uniquely qualified for this role. The work can be very challenging under pressure and requires extensive knowledge of both the industry in which they work and the customer needs they strive to meet while managing budgets efficiently.

Who is a sales engineer and what skill set should they have

A sales engineer typically applies the following skills which are important in most selling roles.

a) Excellent communication skills
b) Strong people skills
c) Strong financial knowledge
d) Good negotiation skills
e) Knowledge of the company’s product or service
f) Knowledge of the company’s products and services, including the competitive landscape
g) Social skills, including being able to work with team members and customers effectively.

Sales engineers must possess good interpersonal and communication skills because they interact with many different people from senior executives down to business analysts and salesmen who use their product or service. They also need to be able to communicate effectively with customers, who may be seeking other sales engineers, managers, account executives or other employees in their company.

Their role is distinct from that of a sales representative, an employee who sells a specific product for an organization and directly reports to the head of sales.

1) Setting up demos, performing proofs-of-concept, building prototypes etc. for potential clients. It may also include non-client specific projects like developing schematics for new products and identifying ways to improve their design or manufacturing process.

2) Troubleshooting customers’ problems and answering customer questions via email, phone calls or online chat services such as Skype/Google+ Hangouts etc.

3) Performing market research and identifying competitors, then creating proposals to win more business. Market research can include everything from investigating potential new markets to studying the competition’s pricing structure and workflow.

4) Planning and managing projects that are necessary for the success of sales-related events such as customer meetings, trade shows, conferences etc.

5) Developing relationships with client personnel through regular meetings or phone calls in order to share information about their products and services.

Identifying potential clients from areas such as trade associations or press releases, then writing proposals for sales managers to review for approval before sending. This may also include writing reports about those clients once the project is complete.

Sales engineers may be responsible for delivering presentations on a client’s behalf. In this case, they may need to create a demo version of their product or service in PowerPoint, edit it, and then organize the presentation around the content they want to present to the client. Depending on their role one or more of these tasks may be delegated. Some of the tasks that a sales engineer might perform in this role include:


The industry in which they work can vary widely, with a sales engineer in the high-tech industry earning the most while those working in pharmaceuticals or manufacturing may earn less.

Most sales engineers will have a high school diploma or equivalent and some experience as a sales representative before joining the position. A high school diploma is a requirement for some kinds of jobs but not all companies require it. Other qualifications include:

They are often considered to be part of the “IT” or “Engineering” industries because much of their job is focused on technology-related processes and products.

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