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Why Hiring New Devs With No Industry Experience Is Sometimes A Good Idea

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Maybe you are looking to figure out Why hiring new devs with no industry experience is sometimes a good idea. Developers with no industry experience are cheaper to hire and has little-to-no expectations. You’ll get the opportunity to mould them into a well-adjusted employee that can handle your company’s needs. They’ll be grateful for getting their first foot in the door, giving 110% effort on every task, and being very coachable.

Not hiring new devs with no industry experience will force you to make more hires because they have poor skills due to lack of experience. This will also increase their salary overtime when you try and compensate them for all the gaps in their knowledge which would eventually cause your company a lot more money than if you had hired someone who was willing to work towards gaining those skills

Why hiring new devs with no industry experience is sometimes a good idea

1) They are open to learn and change

New developers do not have any industry experience, so it will take them time to develop their skills and it is okay for them to make mistakes.

New developers are eager and excited about learning. They will accept changes of procedures being made. You can learn from them, allow them to become better employees, and even keep the ones who could continue working with you once they’ve learned how the industry works (more on this later).

2) You get to hire someone at a lower cost.

People who have little to no experience in your industry are also great candidates because they are more susceptible to the same trends that will affect your company in the future. This means they are less likely to quit because they understand how their input can affect the growth of a business. They’ll be more understanding, open-minded and willing to learn as you engage with them.

3) Their salaries are lower.

Compared to someone with full industry experience (TIP: The “Dollar Amount” field on the job posting is not accurate, instead calculate the average salary at their respective level. Otherwise you’re highly exaggerating).

4) You get to mould them into great employees.

Your company will most likely grow over the years, which means your team will expand as well. Once this happens, you’ll be in charge of hiring smart people who are both capable and experienced in your field. If you plan on maintaining the people that you have on staff, it would be better if they have experienced so they can understand what’s going on in your ever-growing company and help make adjustments accordingly.

5) You can compensate them better later on.

When they have sever more experience and know-how (TIP: Make sure all the compensation components of their salary are correctly stated otherwise it is misleading).


This sounds like a win-win situation. Hiring new devs with no industry experience IS profitable. But, you need to make sure they have the right skill set as well as the right attitude. I would strongly recommend that you stand out or hire someone who has been in your industry for at least 1 year (ideally 2 years) or longer before considering hiring someone that is new to it because they may already know all of your competitors’ prices and will cost you more than necessary.

But, in the end, it all comes down to your decision as a business owner. If you’re looking for new talent with potential and willing to invest time in teaching them about your industry, or you’re just looking for someone who will work hard and be a great employee on their own, then hiring new devs with no industry experience is a great idea.

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