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Ruby binary gap solution

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How to solve a binary gap problem in ruby.
– Counts binary gaps between 1s

A binary gap within a positive integer N is any maximal sequence of consecutive zeros that is surrounded by ones at both ends in the binary representation of N.

Write an efficient algorithm for the following assumptions:

n is an integer within the range [1..2,147,483,647].


# Using 32 as an example integer
n = 32.to_s(2).to_s

arr = []
n.scan(/(?=1(0+)1)/x) { |m| arr << [m.first, Regexp.last_match.begin(0) + 1] }
e = arr.map { |x| x[0].count "0" }.sort
puts e.empty?
if e.empty?
  puts "0"

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