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Is test automation a good career choice in 2021?

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Test automation has been and will continue to be a popular career choice for professionals. It is estimated that by 2022 one out of every three people in the workforce will be involved in some form of test automation or writing code for tests.
For many people in this fast-growing industry, it has become a career that is both lucrative and full of opportunities. This is especially true for recent graduates that possess computer science and software engineering degrees, who can easily find themselves landing high-paying jobs in this field.

What is a test automation job like?

A test automation engineer’s job involves writing code to automate various functional tests; such as user interface (UI) testing or load testing. These tests are used to determine whether or not a software program operates as it should and also helps to ensure that the quality of the actual product remains high and consistent throughout its life cycle.

The test code is usually automated through an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language, most commonly Java.
Due to the similarities between the process of writing code for tests and for software programs, test automation jobs are often held by programmers with solid programming skills. This can make finding work in this field easier, as developers often have more experience in the OOP languages.  

What do I need to get started on a career in test automation?

 Some programming experience is expected, but this is not a prerequisite.   Most job requirements only ask that you must be able to write tests and explain how they’re written. It is more vital that you have a good understanding of the project that will be using the software that you’re testing.
Having a background in computer science, software engineering, or similar studies from an accredited institution is also helpful but not always necessary.

In some cases, experience with a specific language can open up opportunities to test projects in this language and for companies in this language’s ecosystem. For example, Java is used in most Android projects and C/C++ is used by many video game studios writing for consoles. However, having only one skill set may limit job opportunities and options when it comes to selecting where to work and what type of projects to work on.

As with any field, resume building is critical.

Having strong technical writing skills can help you explain how tests work and how they’re implemented, which is an instrumental skill if you want to work as a tester or if you want to end up in management eventually.  

What are my chances of finding work?

The software industry has been growing over the decade, with computer-related jobs being one of the world’s fastest-growing careers.
Raw numbers show that the number of testers in the industry took a leap in 2016, increasing by 695,000 jobs. The steady percentage growth in the software industry during this decade makes it possible for testers to find work even with smaller or less popular companies.  

Finding work is easy when there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. This makes it easier for testers to pick and choose their jobs, especially when working with different companies in different fields throughout their career.  

This steady growth also leads to job security for testers who remain current with trends in the industry through seminars and regular training sessions. The choice to stay up-to-date can be compelling when it comes to keeping your company’s clients satisfied and keeping your job protected.

What are my chances of upward mobility?

Having a good work ethic and an interest in advancing your career can lead to many opportunities to move up in the profession.
Although there is no clear path for advancement within the industry, there are clear goals that testers should focus on achieving, such as having strong programming skills or learning to communicate better.

There are also other career choices available, such as becoming a senior tester, team lead, QA manager, QA director or QA Architect. These roles may become available if an employer sees your commitment and desires to see you succeed.


If you’re interested in a career that offers steady growth and a variety of opportunities, automation testing is a field to consider.  
Testing is a rewarding career that helps determine the quality of the products that we use every day and because of this, it is the job of every tester to ensure that these products are bug-free and easy to use.  

Testing will always involve human interaction and creativity which makes it more than just pressing ‘go’ on an automated test case. It is our job to simulate real-world scenarios and break down complex codes into what they should be doing.
This means that we should think about what should happen when certain actions are taken or when specific processes start up.

Check this article on the difference between manual and automation testing.

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