Can an average programmer create a simple AI?

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What is AI? Can an average programmer create a simple AI? Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the field of engineering and computer science that studies how to create intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence – artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Can an average programmer create a simple AI?

Although artificial intelligence (AI) is often associated with complex software tools that take years to code, what if an average programmer could actually create an AI on her or his own?

Actually, the answer is yes. AI has shown itself to be one of the most exciting areas in computer science research. Here are some surprising facts about this technology.
An average programmer can create a simple AI on their own without any special skills or experience.

An average programmer can create an AI by using a simple programming language such as Python.

AI is not just for computers anymore. Robotics is one of the most popular areas for this technology and it has already made its way into our day-to-day lives via self-driving cars, smart phones and more.

This is crucial because in addition to the fact that your AI is probably going to be interacting with human beings and other individuals in real life, eventually, it will need to be able to draw its own conclusions and actions based on what it has learnt about its environment. The machines learn from other machines and from other humans.

Dr. Terrence Mitchells, a computer scientist at Microsoft, said that “It’s a fundamental evolutionary step that’s going to help these systems learn from data.”

What experience would you need to program an AI to get it off the ground?

First of all, you would need to create a good introductory programming course so that the AI such as the robot has a basic understanding of how computers work. Also, you would want to focus on programming so that your AI will be able to learn from its mistakes and grow with time.

Learn how to create algorithms

You would also need to know how to create self learning algorithms so that you can program your AI to be able to “learn” from the data.

Have knowledge on computer science

You would need a basic understanding of computer science and how computers function so that you can create your AI.

Artificial intelligence is a really booming industry. In fact, with the rise of new technology such as self-driving cars and smartphones, AI has been incorporated into many areas of our lives. 

Research in detail what problem your AI will be solving

AI’s could actually be programmed with emotions and reactions to specific situations. The process of creating AI is not limited to only one area. In fact, AI is a combination of many different areas such as psychology, biology and computer science. These research areas would include models of the mind, evolutionary psychology and neuromorphic.

If AI can code on it’s own, will programmers become unnecessary?

In the past, AI’s were always designed by a programmer. However, in more recent years, AI has been able to design itself.

The question of whether or not AI will eventually be able to create its own software is a controversial one. If this does happen, some people believe that coders would no longer be a necessity for software creation and that the whole computer industry would change dramatically.

How effective is AI?

AI’s could theoretically be extremely helpful for solving many problems.
If you want to create a self-driving car, you wouldn’t need to program every single step of it yourself. The AI would be able to perform those steps and then learn from previous successful attempts, ensuring better results year after year.

Dr. David M. Luan, a computer scientist at Columbia University, said that “if you can get a system that can teach itself how to do something, you have essentially solved the hard problem of creating an AI.”

In fact, if your AI is able to learn from its mistakes and grow over time, the value of your AI is even greater than what it could accomplish alone.  AI’s learn from their mistakes and this would give them greater longevity than other software tools out there, thus this is an important part for you to consider when creating your AI program.

What does AI mean for the future?

The future of AI is limitless. AI’s are essentially gaining knowledge at an incredible rate. The things that they’ll be able to accomplish in the future are unknown at this point.  The possibilities are endless because AI’s can essentially do anything that humans can do, but better.  They could also make us much more efficient in accomplishing tasks and help us to see issues from a different perspective.


It is actually quite easy to program an AI script in python by writing the code necessary to perform AI sequences. Google’s AI uses this language and has been able to create some simple algorithms on its own. The main obstacle in developing an AI system is in crafting its knowledge base – programming can’t produce understanding like a human can.

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