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19 Great Tips On Creating A Good Landing Page For Your Website

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Let’s have a look at some great tips on creating a good landing page for your website. There are certain things that your website can make quite difficult for visitors, but there’s a good way to mitigate this problem. Landing pages exist to provide visitors with a taste of what your website has in store. They are not meant to be an exhaustive list of your website’s content, but rather first port of call for those looking for specific information from you.

Many businesses find it beneficial to create landing pages with one of the following objectives.

  • To increase conversions and repeat visits
  • To collect payment for products or services (i.e., inquiring as to whether someone is interested in purchasing/downloading a product)
  • To establish trust and credibility

These are the things that you absolutely should have on your landing page in order for it to be effective. Having these things does not necessarily mean that you will get more visitors or more conversions, but it gives you a better chance of getting these things than if you don’t have them.

1. CTA(Call To Action)

Everything must have its own CTA. Each page on your website should have a CTA too, but the real magic happens when you make use of CTAs in your landing pages. This action is used to direct your visitors to the next step in the conversion process.

If you don’t have a well placed CTA on your landing page then you will lose out on potential conversions.
A CTA is a short phrase or sentence that comes from the /words/sentence with which you want your visitors to convert.

It can have a long and full explanation or it can be very short.
When observing the landing page of a business, the thing that we usually see is either the space for any goods and service or a very short CTA with one or two words at its end.
In order to make your CTA stand out, you need to consider using some type of color, size and font in your CTA. Also consider whether you want to create an eye catching icon for your logo.

2. Pricing

In order to create a successful landing page, you will need to consider the cost of your offer. There are a couple of things that you should consider when deciding what price you should use for your landing page. First, figure out how much your product or service actually costs and then think about the average price that customers would pay for it. Next if there is any competition (take Google maps and Yelp), then the price range that they have set for their product or service is also something to look out for.

3. Time Bar

A time bar can be a very good way to illustrate how long it takes your visitors to get an answer. The shorter the time the better. This will help you in placing your focus on those users who are near your conversion goal and it will also help you in determining what sort of content is being requested by your visitors.
It is no use having a good offer if nobody knows about it or if they don’t know what they are going to get when they agree to purchase. Time bars also tell you how long a user takes to complete an action. You can then think about what kind of content goes best with their actions and have that as part of the landing page.

4. Meta Description

The meta description is not just a redundant description that may appear in your search engine rankings since you are using a well written title, but it actually serves to enhance the power of your landing page by allowing others to find and read more about your offer on other search engine results pages. This is important because there are people out there who describe information in their website via keywords and descriptions rather than by images, pictures and videos.

5. A powerful headline

In order to get noticed by your visitors they should see something that will peak their interest and get them to read more about what’s going on in that landing page. The headline is usually one of the first thing a visitor would read when visiting a specific landing page. Make it interesting, it should be a complete sentence, and it should describe the main offer of the landing page. For example , if you are offering some kind of product then the headline would be something along the lines of “Free Tutorial On How To Become a Ruby Programmer In 30 Days”, or if it is a service then it can be written as “How To Ace an Interview At Google In 30 Days.

6. A good explanation

You will need to give your visitors a clear explanation of what they are going to get when they click on that CTA button. Keep in mind that you don’t have to tell them everything because they will probably want more information before making their decision so go ahead and include all that is important within that landing page.

There’s no point in spending huge sums of money on advertising if you’re not going to get much sales from those ads. Having a good landing page with all the stuff mentioned above can help you achieve better returns from your marketing budget.

7. Something that is worth their while

You should have something that is worth someone’s while before they part with their money and purchase your product or service. Once someone clicks on the CTA button, they will have to see what you have to offer before making a decision to buy.
You need to give them a reason to click on that CTA button. Make sure everything is in order so that you can maximize your conversion rate. Some people have 2 or 3 clickable CTAs in the same landing page, but you will need to experiment with that to see what works for you, and what does not work for you. Remember, there is no perfect formula for creating the perfect landing page; you will have to keep on learning and testing until you get it just right, then watch your sales grow. Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong; if anything, by doing so you learn from your mistakes and improve your lead generation process further.

8. Something that is worth sharing

In order for your content to be successful online and for people to take action towards it, it needs something that is worthy of sharing. Without making your content or the information contained within it interesting enough for people to share, you might as well give it away for free because there’s nothing in return for all the time spent by visitors who are on your landing pages and taking actions towards your offers.

9. Useful content and information

Useful, interesting and useful content can increase the chances of your visitors taking action and converting. It will increase their likelihood of following through with the next step and convert to a sale. This can be achieved by creating information or video clips that will show people how useful your product is or how much better it can make their lives.

10. Ease of access

You should also provide a landing page that is easy to access from the beginning which can help them make an easier decision on what to buy once they arrive at your landing page.

11. Specific targeting

By using specific targeting, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your advertising if you have a lot of visitors coming from different places such as Facebook or Twitter. You can then decide for yourself if these people are worth keeping or not if their actions towards your ad does not match what you thought it would do when using targeted advertising.

12. Interaction

Your landing page should have a place for visitors to interact with each other. You can either have your customers share the content they like or you can allow them to book an appointment and provide their information to the business. This will ensure that visitors leave your landing page feeling good about their decision.

13. Conversion Rates

Online marketing has so many different aspects to it, but we just want to focus on conversion rates because, if you want to become successful in all of this fun stuff, then you need to understand how your conversion rate works and how it affects your sales.
Conversion rates are the number of visitors to your landing page who will take the action that you desire them to take and convert into a sale. When you measure your conversion rate as well as how long it takes for this activity to happen, then you can decide what is working or not. You may need to adjust anything from your landing page design and copywriting until the conversion rate increases.

14. Data Collection

This helps keep the advertisers updated with the number of people who are going through their ads and converting into sales. This is an important thing because you can use this data to see what sort of information is better received by your audience as well as which offers work best for your landing page.

15. A Fresh Look

You should make sure that your offer and the landing page itself isn’t too old or not relevant. People are smart and if they sense that you’re trying to sell them something that’s outdated, then they will not take action towards it. You will also need to update your landing page often with new deals so that their customers do not get bored with it.

16. Great design

Well designed landing pages are attractive to visitors and can easily draw them in towards your offer. They do not need to start from scratch because there are plenty of good landing page templates available on the market that will suit their business. These templates can be easily modified so there is no need to spend more money on hiring a professional designer if you can manage to modify it yourself.

17. Free to access some things

Happy customers are more likely to return, so you should make sure that you give them the chance to do so. To make this happen, be generous with your content on your landing page and let them know that you are offering something for free.

18. Social proof

Social proof is simply the feeling that you get when you see other people are having luck with your offer. You should make sure that it’s displayed to visitors on your landing page so they are able to see what others are saying about the product or service.

19. Video content

Visitors like seeing video content because it shows how things work as well as how they can benefit from it in most scenarios.


Landing pages can be many things; some are more advanced in nature than others. There are also different types of landing pages for different types of companies. For example, some businesses might create a very basic landing page for their website with a very straightforward message, whereas other businesses might create advanced landing pages that include video, animation, and the like.

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