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6 Best Programming Languages To Learn for Crypto

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Here are the top 6 best programming languages to learn for crypto. If you’re interested in learning about cryptocurrency, then there are a few languages that are becoming more and more relevant.

Please note that these suggestions for language learning were made by people who have extensive experience with cryptocurrency, so this list is meant to be a starting point!

6 Best Programming Languages To Learn for Crypto

1 Python

Python is an open-source programming language created by Guido van Rossum. It’s often called the “programming language of choice” due to its versatility and a broad ecosystem of libraries and programmers. There’s something for every developer — whether you’re looking to automate processes at work or write quality software at home, Python has countless resources available on Google (including some free ones). The best part is that it’s easy to pick up and it has a very powerful, object-oriented coding system.

2 C++

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s often used to manipulate programs and update software, but some developers are also using C++ to create their own cryptocurrency platforms. Since C++ is very similar to Python (while still being different), you’ll be able to find resources that can teach you how to do just about everything a programmer will need in order to get started on this programming path.

There are tons of great tutorials for beginners on YouTube, including videos by Rob Miles and Pascal Precht .

3 Java

Java is a programming language created in the late 1990s. It’s a strong, object-oriented, procedural language that uses an eight-byte bytecode known as bytecode. Java is what Apple uses in iPhones and other mobile devices — making its influence even stronger when you look at the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies! And while it’s not the fastest language out there, it’s very stable and has a great community of developers who can teach you everything you need to know about this popular technology.

4 JavaScript

There are literally hundreds of JavaScript tutorials out there for beginners (and even some for advanced programmers). If you’re only interested in learning how to launch a cryptocurrency, then JavaScript is the answer. You can learn all about coding it yourself, or check out resources that can teach you how to use it in web development. And let’s not forget that Google’s own cryptocurrency, GoogleCoin, is built on JavaScript!

5 Objective-C

This language was originally created by Apple. It’s very similar to C++, but more geared toward development for Mac OS-based devices. A lot of companies use this programming language; its main application is iOS apps. It’s also used by certain cryptocurrencies, like MaidSafeCoin. If you’re looking for a language with little to no risk of security vulnerabilities, then Objective-C is a great choice for you.

6 Go

Go is a programming language that Google’s used exclusively for the past six years. It was created by Google’s Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson — all of whom are accomplished in their own right! Go is very similar to C++, but it’s much lighter (weighing in at 40MB). So why would you use it if there are already so many other popular choices on the market?

Because of its lightweight design, Go is often faster than C++ — and sometimes even Java. The developers can guarantee that it won’t have any security issues related to memory leaks.


Cryptography is one of the most important parts of blockchain technology. It’s responsible for making sure that all your deposits, transactions and other operations are safe.

As you can see from the top five programming languages for cryptocurrencies, there are many options for learning how to code your own cryptocurrency with different languages and the learning only gives you the power to get started. It’s also worth noting that these languages have many similarities, so if you learn one well then it will be easy for you to get started with the others.

You might be interested in what is cryptography, is it here to stay?

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