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How To Make Remote Meetings More Interesting

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If you spend long hours in meetings, you’ll probably agree that they can be a bit dull, so how to make remote meetings more interesting must be what you searched for today!. The same old PowerPoint presentations, awkwardly long pauses, and general lack of productivity make it hard to stay focused. So what’s your solution? Try making remote meetings more interesting by using these technologies: NetMeeting Rooms (your screen is projected on a computer screen), Skype rooms, Google Meet in conference mode, or even e-portraits! You’ll find the added conversation makes for an easier meeting overall.

How To Make Remote Meetings More Interesting

1. Use screen sharing

Screen sharing is a great idea for meetings as it allows others to see what you’re seeing on your computer screen. This helps clarify your plans in real-time so everyone is on the same page. No more struggling through powerpoint slides or reading confusing e-mails. You’ll save yourself hours of time and frustration, which equals money!

2. Set up a meeting room

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone together for a remote meeting. Vendors have made this easier by providing us with meeting rooms that let us sit in front of our computer screen without having to connect with anyone. This is a great time-saver as you’re still receiving all the same benefits of a remote meeting without having to physically attend any sessions.

3. Use an e-portrait

A new way to meet, friends can arrange for these photo sessions where they take pics of themselves on their computers and send them off to the other person’s desktop which then doubles as the background for their personal workspace. This is a great way to see the person face-to-face, even if it’s just for an hour or so. These kinds of high-tech meetings are more telling than a traditional meeting where everyone sits in the same room at the same time.

4. Use technology that fits

In today’s modern world, everyone has access to tech that fits their needs. Get creative and find new ways to make a remote meeting more interesting. The possibilities are endless!

5. Stay focused

Variety is the spice of life, but not when it comes to meetings. Remember that meeting planners know their audience best. When given a choice, try to find an interesting variation on your regular meeting’s format. Have a cocktail reception before, or send the hosts home early for an after-hours party! No matter how you choose to make your meetings more interesting, the main thing is to stay focused so that it flows nicely and there are no interruptions.

6.Keep it simple

If you’re a meeting planner, it’s your job to keep the meeting on track. I’m sure there are times when you feel like you’re the parent sitting in the front of the class. The best way to get people to participate is to keep things simple. Try focusing on one topic at a time and stay on message with that topic. This will reduce distractions and ensure that one person isn’t carrying all of the weight. Use a timer if you have trouble staying focused for more than 10 minutes!

7. Get to know the team

If you’re looking for ways to make remote meetings more interesting, you can also learn a lot about the team members. This is definitely a plus if you haven’t met everyone in person. If there’s a question that comes up that needs clarification, it’s easier to ask your teammates when they’re right in front of you.

8. Break it out of the office

Sometimes your meetings can get bogged down by politics and problems that need immediate attention. For example, one of the most important issues that you need to deal with is the budget. You could have a meeting with your team to discuss this issue, but it’s likely that they’ll feel pressured into making a decision and will probably be less inclined to listen to what you have to say. In contrast, if you can divide the room into teams and take them outside, they’ll be able to focus on what’s best for the organization instead of worrying about who “won” that argument!

9. Keep things light

If you manage group events, try holding a fun game or competition where everyone has a chance at winning something. The prizes could vary from tickets to see an upcoming band or watch a movie together.

10. Use the group’s talents

Let there be a little creativity spark into your remote meetings by drawing from the strengths of the people involved. At the end of your meeting, ask each team to come up with ideas that they’d like to see addressed at future meetings. Whether it’s professional development, leadership training, office renovations or enhancements, they’ll have great input as long as you give them a chance!

11. Have ice breakers

The first few minutes of a meeting can be strained since the group hasn’t yet warmed up to one another. The same uneasy feeling remains until the meeting leader poses questions that help create a friendly, more welcoming environment.


Meetings can be a hassle. No one likes to spend the time shuffling between their office and the boardroom. This is why businesses have found ways to take meetings online and they’ve seen great results. If you’re looking for ways to make your remote meetings more interesting, try using some of these tips! You’re sure to find that your team is more productive when you take time to enjoy new surroundings or make use of new technologies!

So, now that you know how to make your remote meeting more interesting, what are you going to do about it?

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