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Should You Upgrade Or Replace Your Laptop Now?

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So, Should You Upgrade Or Replace Your Laptop Now? When it comes to technology, there are a few things to consider. First of all, is your laptop too old? Chances are it’s not. In fact, most laptops from 2008 and earlier will run the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Android without any problems. That said, you really should upgrade if your laptop is six or more years old!

With that said: Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Laptop?

The answer: It depends on what you need.

Upgrading a laptop is a very good idea for two primary reasons, among other reasons:

  1. To make your laptop faster. Laptops can be very slow at times, and upgrading internal components can help speed things up.
  2. To add new features such as more RAM, add-ons such as an external hard drive, or just expand your storage options with something like an SSD.

On the other hand, if you’re happy with how it is now: keeping your existing laptop is fine too! There are some things to consider when deciding between upgrading and keeping the old one:

How is the Condition?

If your laptop is in great condition and works well, you may decide to keep it and not upgrade. However, if your laptop is very slow and barely runs something like Windows 10 Home , the time to upgrade is now! Laptops with less than 1GB of RAM (gigabytes) are also considered old these days. So you really should get at least 1GB of RAM on a new laptop if it’s over 5 years old.

What about the rest of the stuff?

If your laptop has more than one device plugged into it (such as a keyboard and mouse), you may be limited to what they will work with once you upgrade your OS or install more apps on it. That said, most apps and programs should work with whatever you want to plug into it. You will need to check the sites of your mouse, keyboard, and other devices for compatibility with Windows 10.

Will you really need the new laptop?

Do we really need a new laptop now? Do we want to throw away our old one and buy another one? Is there room in our budget for a new laptop? These are the questions we should ask ourselves before purchasing a new computer.

Upgrade now or later?

Upgrading now can be cheaper than buying a brand new laptop later. However, later upgrades can sometimes be more expensive and still come with a lot of hassles (such as needing to pay for an entire new device)! So is now the time to upgrade?

Education vs. Work?

Some laptops may include an “education discount” that’s only good for students and teachers! Some laptops may also work better or be cheaper than others depending on what type of computer you need. For example, certain laptops are made for photo editing and are not great for gaming.

There is also a wide variety of RAM and storage options as well as faster processors and better graphics cards. So check what type of computer you will need for your job before buying one.


Your laptop is not broken, there is nothing wrong with it, you’re just bored or want something better? Well that’s great! You should upgrade if this is the case. Are you just looking to upgrade to have the latest model so people think you are cool? Ok…is it really worth it? Maybe let your money stretch a few more months while keeping your old laptop! Or perhaps you should consider buying an iPad or other tablet instead! That’s always an option too! However if there are other factors in play here to consider, upgrading may be the best option for you.

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