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Why Do Programmers Prefer Dark Mode On Their IDEs

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You must wonder Why do programmers prefer dark mode on their IDEs? Programmers might seem to have a penchant for dark mode, but they don’t always stick with it.

What is the appeal of this color scheme?

Programmers are creatures of habit, and many prefer dark mode for the same reason that many of us prefer black pens: because it’s easier on our eyes than white backgrounds. Others may feel that a black background saves their eyes from strain.

For some, though, dark mode seems to be less about physical strain (or even aesthetic preference) and more about aesthetics.

One programmer pointed out that light colours can make code look prettier in a coding IDE such as Atom because they “bring out all of the beautiful syntax highlighting features” in different programming languages.

To answer the question Why do programmers prefer dark mode on their IDEs..

Dark mode or Night Mode, is a user interface that uses dark colours as it gives a distinct feel of black from the normal light backgrounds. It gets powered by the color temperature value of the device and makes darker colours darker. The best colour temperature is below 3000 K which is considered to be very low.

I would say the most interesting reason why programmers like Dark Mode is that they can take advantage of colour contrast for easier reading.


I think that programmers prefer dark mode because it’s simple to read and it’s very crowded with the code.

Many programmers have different opinions about the darkness of their programming tasks. Well, this may be due to different lighting conditions in a particular office or room when programming.

The general consensus among programmers is that dark mode makes your code easier to read and see.

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