24 Extremely Simple Ways To Surprise A Loved One

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Here are 24 extremely different ways that you can surprise your significant other, co-worker, or family member without breaking the bank… maybe! Maybe not.

But most of these ideas are free, easy enough for anyone to make it happen, and will always result in a smile (or many).

A lot of people believe that being able to surprise a loved one is the best way to show them how much you care about them.

Being able to surprise someone with something small can be very difficult, but there are dozens of little things that anyone can do.

We hope this helps you find some creative ways to make someone’s day or week better.

Simple ways to surprise a loved one

  1. Surprise them with flowers! Who doesn’t like flowers? 💐They don’t always have to be roses, either. Depending on their preferences, you can get them something like daisies. It’s a great way to show someone you care about them.
  2. You can actually go out and buy them something 💝 (if they wouldn’t mind it) for no reason at all! It could be a new shirt, book, video game… whatever they’d like!
  3. Cook for them their favorite food.🍲 For example, if they like to bake cakes, you could make one or two for them and bring it to work or school. You can also make up a special treat like chicken wings for dinner (in other words, not baked).
  4. Surprise them with a hug!🤗 How about surprising them with a friendly big hug? Sometimes these are worth more than any present you could ever give them.
  5. Surprise your loved ones with homemade brownies or cookies!🍪 They will know that you really care about something that they really like!
  6. Surprise your loved ones by taking random photos of yourself around📸 the house so they see how much you love being around them… and how much they mean to you.
  7. It doesn’t take too much effort, but you could write a very cute and thoughtful card for someone 🌃you love! Be honest and say how you feel.
  8. Surprise your loved one with a ride in your car! 🚖Drive them around, even if it’s just to the store or just to their work. It’ll mean a lot to them since they will know that you’re thinking about them and helping them out by doing little things like this.
  9. You can surprise someone who is sick or maybe down (or both) by picking up their favourite ice cream 🍦 and take it over to their house
  10. You can surprise your loved ones by buying them a puzzle! 🧩Even if the solution is easy (who even cares about solving puzzles anymore?), they will still appreciate having something to do. If you have time, it’s also a nice way to spend an afternoon with your loved one.
  11. Surprise them with a walk on the beach.🏝 It’s always more relaxing being outside, right? So why not surprise your loved ones with this? You can even find cool places to go on the internet!
  12. Surprise someone with some homemade burgers! 🍔They can have these for lunch or dinner, depending on what they prefer. It’s really simple and will definitely cheer someone up on a dreary day!
  13. Surprise someone with a surprise! Surprise them by surprising them with a surprise.🤭 Surprise them even more by surprising their surprised. Sounds complicated? – It’s actually not.
  14. Surprise them by telling them jokes that will actually make them laugh! 😂 For example, if they usually get jokes from you, then they will want to see if it’s really funny and if you can top it! Sometimes people won’t believe it, so be prepared and give them the best joke ever!
  15. Surprise your loved ones with a fantastic coupon or deal on something they wouldn’t expect to get such a deal on 🤝(like buying expensive shoes for under $10).
  16. You can surprise someone by helping them with a to-do list!☑ They will appreciate it if you help out around the house or do something they usually wouldn’t do.
  17. Surprise someone with a game of Angry Birds.🐦 It’s portable and you can play it anywhere, so it won’t be difficult to carry around… unless you’re trying to carry your loved one, which would be kind of hard…
  18. Serve them a nice pizza! 🍕Again, this doesn’t take too long to make and it’ll definitely cheer someone up no matter how bad of a day they’re having.
  19. Give them a… cupcake?🧁 It’s very difficult to not smile when you see one. They’ll be even happier if they get two!
  20. Give them their favourite snack! 🍿 If you know what it is, then you can just go to the store and buy it for them…
  21. Surprise them with a hug – again 🤗 🤗! This is basically the same as number 1, but this time it’s a hug that encompasses everything! They will definitely feel better when you give them some love.
  22. Write some compliments about their appearance on their mirror or in their car! 😊 You can also just draw something lovely for them or paint some flowers on the wall. It’s very easy and good for the soul!
  23. Surprise someone you know with a small gift!🎁 It doesn’t have to be big, but it’ll certainly make your loved ones feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  24. You can surprise your loved ones by surprising them with a compliment! 🥰They will enjoy this since they probably haven’t heard a compliment in a long time. Another tip is to say a compliment about something that shows how much you really pay attention to them (and how much of an observant person you are).


Surprising someone is really simple, but it’s also very rewarding. Any time you surprise someone, you will feel happy for finding a creative way to do so! Did you find something innovative?

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