5 secrets of finding what makes you happy

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Have you ever wondered what are the secrets of finding what makes you happy? Doing things you love is one of the best ways to ensure your well-being, build self-esteem, and have a life outside of work. But even if you are already having fun doing what makes you happy, it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon.

When we grow up we often make choices that we think will make us happy. And while it is important to find qualities and traits which you like in order to be fulfilled, there’s only one way to truly know if your work makes you happy: try it. Now, this might not be overly practical but I believe that if you enjoy what you’re doing then the choice is made for you.

However, I’d like to provide some practical advice for you to get started. It can be daunting to find what you love but it’s not impossible. Here are some steps that I would advise;

Steps to finding what makes you happy

Get out of your comfort zone.

You can’t break through old habits if you don’t kick yourself in the butt once in a while. Try something radically different from your everyday life and see how you feel about it. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, try “finding” your passion by doing related activities instead – interest in one area often leads to multiple others in the same direction! Learn more about yourself. Looking at personal strengths and weaknesses is a great way to find a direction.

Looking at personal strengths and weaknesses.

This is a great way to find a direction. If you’re not sure where to start, try doing things that make you happy.

Imagine what you would be like if you were doing things that really made you happy. And once you understand how you’d feel, ask yourself; “What kind of activities can I do now which would help me achieve this ideal?” Get involved in positive activities. Make the most out of the time that remains. Get involved in at least one or two activities that are meaningful for your well-being.

For example, if you loved reading books so much, why not start reading one every day? If it’s something that really makes you happy but you would often procrastinate on the weekend, why not make a commitment to read a book a week?

Assess how you feel doing different activities

If you don’t feel good then it’s not what you’re meant to do. Focus on being open-minded and having a positive mindset – the right activity will eventually come along.

When it does, even if it isn’t perfect, don’t overlook it. If you already have a job and still think you could be doing something of greater interest to yourself, try searching for a promotion or a new job with your current company or look for one with another company.

Don’t be afraid to take some risks

Sometimes the best opportunities come from them! Ultimately, how you feel is what matters. If something makes you happy then you will know – and the better off you will be. Remember your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses. Take a chance and try something new every day.

Look for that inner glow that makes you tick when exploring activities

When it comes to finding your passion, there should be no limit to what can be done in order to find happiness. When you explore new things, you will find ways in which you can integrate them in your life and in doing so, fall even more in love with yourself.

Through this process, you will learn more about yourself and what makes you tick. This is only the beginning of the adventure when it comes to self-discovery so keep at it!

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