Top Technology Trends That Will Shape The Coming Decade

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What are the top technology trends that will shape the coming decade? What are your top picks? Oversized and over-priced device screens, designed to be held in one hand, may seem like a fad of the past. Forget about the overpriced market for oversize screens! Here are ten trends that will shape our technological future.

Top Technology Trends That Will Shape The Coming Decade

1) Robots

Robots are on the rise. Demand for robots is expected to double by 2020. This is due to:
a) Manufacturing efficiency in using high levels of machine power and eliminating human error,
b) Health care needs,
c) The desire for higher-quality products, and
d) Demand for more personal services. Robots are becoming a force in the workplace, especially in the health care and service industries.

A lot of people fear that robots will become smarter than their creators, and it is hard to dispute the logic in this fear. There are many horror stories about artificial intelligence going wrong, but there are few about it going right. It is true that people today interact with robots in extremely limited ways, mostly to do jobs that people don’t want to do or can’t do. For instance, consider a robot dispensing pills at a pharmacy. This robot has no intelligence of its own – it literally only dispenses pills when prompted by a human operator who is guiding the robot’s actions via touchscreen or buttons. The robot is waiting for its next command.

2) Genomics

The genomics revolution is still in its early stages, with researchers conducting whole-genome sequencing at a cost of ~$1,000 per genome today. The cost per genome is expected to drop to as low as $100 in the next few years. In addition, researchers are looking at new ways of sequencing individual genes at an even lower cost. They have already decoded a virus’ genome with a single synthesized strand of DNA!

Big Data will be used to monitor and evaluate our biological functions – As new methods of analyzing genomes are developed, we can expect many new ways of understanding the human body that can be applied to everything from healthcare to military applications.

The genome project is already making use of a supercomputer in order to predict the potential for viruses and other pathogens. This analysis could be used for early warning systems against genome-destroying diseases, or it could be applied to security situations by monitoring hospitals for signs of unusually high mortality among a patient’s family.

3) The Internet of Things

It’s not just phones and cars that are becoming increasingly connected. The refrigerator is expected to become a hub for smart appliances, and even cities are getting connected through sensors to gather information about traffic patterns and more.

4) Virtual reality headsets and MR(Mixed reality)

Instead of buying a video game console, kids will strap on a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift after they get home from school. Virtual reality is already becoming a staple for video game developers as consumers embrace the idea of sitting on your couch and playing an action game.

5) Electric vehicles

Natural gas may power buses in some cities, but electric vehicles (EVs) like Tesla’s Model S are increasingly taking over car markets.

6) Quantum Computing

While we still don’t know what quantum computing will be used for, we do know that several countries are making significant investments in it. The US, China and Europe are all investing in it. Quantum computing has the potential to break modern-day cryptography and enable many new forms of encryption with dramatically increased security.

7) 3D printing

Within fifteen years, most people will own a 3D printer in their homes, which they’ll use to create everything from toys to tools at home without having to go out and buy them. 3D printers today can make a plastic prototype of an object that you design in a software program, and 3D printers are expected to become more popular for manufacturing belongings.

8) Self-driving cars

Google’s self-driving cars have already driven 300,000 miles on California roads without accident. It’s now just a matter of time before these vehicles start appearing on roads everywhere and all over the world!

9) Crypto

In the coming decades, cryptocurrencies will become a global economic system, with prices set by a free market of supply and demand, similar to how markets work today. Read more about blockchain here.

10) Metaverse

Metaverse is a type of online universe where characters can interact and create their own stories. Users will be able to trade digital creations with one another, as they can do today with Minecraft. This technology coupled with NFTs and other technologies will allow users the ability to create and trade digital art.


In the coming decade, we’ll see many new technologies that change how we live our daily lives. Most of these technologies will be built on the foundation of existing technology, which is already changing rapidly.

Technology change is happening at an incredible pace today, and it will continue to accelerate in the coming decades.

Do you agree with the list above? What are your thoughts?

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