Why Is Schrodingers Cat Famous

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Why is Schrodingers cat famous? Schrodinger’s famous cat thought experiment is used to illustrate that there’s an inherent paradox in quantum physics. For example, it’s possible for a radioactive atom to decay at any moment, but this can only be detected when it has actually decayed. So the act of observing something changes it and makes it happen/uncertain which effect will take place.

Why is Schrodingers cat famous? 👀

Schrodinger’s cat particularly focuses on physical systems at the subatomic level and probabilities (not cause and effect).. With this in mind, we can easily extend the metaphor to life situations – like how you may have been feeling one way before an event took place but might feel another way afterwards. This is really saying that the moment you start looking for something, you change it in some way.

So, if you’re feeling a bit rubbish and are worrying about something or someone, don’t bother looking anymore 😇- it may jinx it. Just continue as normal and if things work out – great! If not – well at least you won’t have any evidence/added pressure to show that you were right to worry. And if even that’s not enough reason not to constantly look for answers – then just remember: its only a cat… 🐈‍⬛

The problem with overthinking things is that it ends up making people think they understand something when they clearly do not. A common mistake made when trying to understand quantum mechanics, or anything in science really consists of trying to understand two contradictory theories or ideas at once. This is a mistake from which there is no recovery because the person who has made this mistake will think they have obtained new knowledge when all they have done is end up with even more contradictions.

For example, quantum mechanics tells us that a particle can be both here and there at the same time. Neither of these things can possibly occur simultaneously because either one or the other must exist in one place or another. This means that a particle cannot possibly be in two places at once and yet people who have read about quantum mechanics often try to express this idea while also referring to ‘particles’ as if they were entities that were independent of our universe as we know it. It is as if they try to use the word ‘particle’ and ‘wave’ in the same sentence when these two things cannot possibly exist at the same time.


The people who are most likely to get confused by quantum mechanics are the ones that have already decided that it is impossible. The others should be able to understand the basics of what is being said about things like particles, waves and probabilities but it is then on them to make their own interpretations based on those explanations.

The people who have already given up on quantum mechanics will often find some discrepancies between the ideas of physics and their previous beliefs. This will cause them to believe they are missing something when in fact they are not.

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