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FREE Websites To Practice Programming

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In this post, we have compiled a list of FREE Websites To Practice Programming – they are all completely free. Not to mention they’re interactive and fun to use. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to learn certain programming languages with the website you choose below! We’ve included some links in the introduction if you want to jump right in. Just remember, there’s no excuse for not learning new skills these days!

Websites like Codecademy, Code School and Free Code Camp offer courses in language after language including App Inventor, HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript and more.

1) Codeschool

Codeschool is a useful site filled with lessons on anything from Python, HTML & CSS to jQuery, Bootstrap and Javascript. The website itself is free but each lesson has a fee associated with it.

2) CodeChef

The interactive website CodeChef is a great place to start if you’re dyslexic. You can choose from a wide variety of cooking & baking lessons (which include programming) or learn JavaScript.
CodeChef also has its own collection of games that are different with each level, but just as fun and interactive! Check out the JavaScript: The Game if you’re up for some fun challenges!


TopCoder is a job placement service for skilled people. The website gives students the opportunity to submit their own programming code for review or input from their mentor.

4) CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy claims to be the best place to learn computer science and programming. The website features courses in HTML, CSS, Java, PHP and more. Check out the free course on Java programming basics for free. It teaches basic concepts of programming such as variables, loops and conditional statements!

6) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent website for anyone looking to learn a variety of subjects from art history to economics. It even has several courses on things such as: HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and more! The website is entirely free.

7) Project Euler

Project Euler is a great resource for students who are learning a programming language. It has hundreds of math puzzles that range from easy to difficult. Each puzzle comes with its own solution so you can check your work.

8) CodinGame

CodinGame teaches aspiring programmers how to write their own code and solve problems through games! The website offers a variety of fun and challenging coding tasks, such as multiplayer games, text adventures and even puzzles.

9) CodeWars

CodeWars is a website that allows users to learn through puzzles with basic coding challenges. The puzzles can be used as programming exercises and come with detailed solutions (just in case you get stuck).

10) Hackerrank

Hackerrank is an awesome site for programmers of all levels. The website offers quizzes on topics such as: Hadoop, JavaScript, iOS and Android Development, SQL and many more. It even has practise questions available to help prepare you for technical interviews in the real world! It’s free to use but you’ll have to pay if you want detailed results or “hint” marks on your answer. All data submitted by students are made anonymous before they are shared.


Udacity has a variety of classes taught by industry leaders in tech that are geared toward students who are looking to get jobs as developers or computer scientists. Some classes include: Design of Computer Programs, Mobile Web Development and much more!


As you can see, there is no shortage of free resources for learning game design, web development and programming. When you get the hang of these new skills, think about how much more accessible you’ll be to people around you. You’ll be able to teach them things like HTML & CSS and how your game works. It’s incredible how much easier it is to show someone how something works when it’s actually your own project!

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