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How To Manage Call Centres Effectively

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In this blog post, you will find out how to manage call centres effectively. There are many stages that the manager must go through in order to manage busy call centres. You will also learn about how big of an impact the company culture can have on employees and customers. This blog post is valuable for anyone who wants to gain knowledge on what it takes to manage a call centre efficiently!

How to manage call centres effectively

We all know how frustrating it can be when we’re trying to reach someone only for them not to answer their phone or return our calls, right? It’s just one of those things that we hope doesn’t happen too often. In all reality though, it does happen. Whether it’s due to the call centre being busy, the person not having their phone on them or just having no knowledge of how to manage a call centre, it’s still frustrating.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t know how to arrange their call centres since they’re so new. Another reason is that people today are not familiar with what a work environment is like in a call centre with all these individuals working together.

1) Get qualified call assistants

The first thing that the call centre manager needs to do is get qualified call assistants. They need to make sure they have real people, who take their job seriously and without a doubt care about their customers if they want to be successful in managing a call centre. If the company has bad call assistants, the company’s reputation will suffer for sure.

Call Assistants are usually underpaid and it’s not just because of their salary that makes them good or bad; it’s because of the skills, knowledge and experience they have in the business.

2) Differentiate your call centre

It’s important that the call centre manager distinguishes his/her call centres. It’s very easy to say this might be a good idea, but in reality, it’s not that easy. The reason why it’s not that easy is that the call centre employees might feel bad and also feel unappreciated by their company if they don’t work as hard as they should. Call centres can also make mistakes and lose customers if the manager doesn’t manage their employees properly.

The best way to do this is by having different departments within their company that work on customer service. So for example, the CEO manages customer service, sales managers manage sales and so forth.

3) Perform Quality Checks

This is a very important part of the call centre manager’s job. What it means is checking the overall performance of the organization. There should be no time that this process is unattended. There are many ways to do this, including evaluation and customer service surveys. These are all good ways of knowing how well your company is doing and if there’s anything that should be changed in order to improve customer service and sales further.

4) Utilize available Software

Many companies fail because they don’t know how to use the tools they have at their disposal in order to better their business. It would be nice to know your company is getting better. There are many tools that will help you do so but it’s important to know what tool is best for what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if you have customer service tools, then it would benefit you to have some call centre software too.

5) Culture change within an organization

This is the hardest thing in all of this! It might take a while but the company must think about changing its culture in order to be successful. Not everyone will agree with this, let’s face it though…everyone wants a certain kind of environment at their workplace and maybe not every employee wants a change either.

However, that’s the reality of life. It’s what you have to take in order to be successful. If an organization is expecting a change but they don’t make it, then the company will never achieve their true potential.

6) Give employees proper communication

The next thing that must be done is to give all employees proper communication. This means they must have email which they use daily and also have a good quality voice mail system with real live humans in it whom can help customers when needed. It’s important that employees are able to communicate with each other as well.

7) Train call attendants with a script guideline

Once you have all the above points in mind, training will be done. It’s important that they know and understand what they’re doing and must have proper guidance as well.

Making it easy for the call centre employees to remember is important to make them feel like they’re not being judged. They should also learn how to work with other call attendants when necessary and how to respond to customers appropriately. For example, the industry is filled with “bad” calls and people tend not to want those calls handled by an individual that has no idea how a call centre works. It’s nice to know that your company has call attendants that are ready for anything!

8) Incentivize the employees

This is very important in call centres since they’re usually overworked. Not everyone enjoys working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. It’s important that the organization knows this and understands how hard it can be on them. Incentives are a great way to get the organization moving and create a sense of “success” within everyone at work. They should be rewarded for what they’ve done right instead of standing still and doing nothing. Call centre managers need to do this and make it known to his/her employees.

9) Follow up on the call centre

This is a very important part of managing a call centre. This means making sure you follow up and see how they’re doing. Are they still efficient? Have they lost interest in the job? Are they receiving proper training? All these questions should be answered by you as the call centre manager. It’s also important that he/she makes sure employees are willing to learn and achieve their full potential. If there are issues, then it’s best if he/she takes care of them immediately to avoid any further damage to the company’s reputation and possibly losing more customers if not dealt with as soon as possible or at least trying to minimize any damages done by the call centre employee. If you manage your call centre properly, then you’re already winning.

10) Have a manager who is good at discipline

Discipline is important within an organization. It’s necessary in order to achieve success, especially in the business world. If a company fails due to having no discipline within its management, then it will never achieve much success. This is because they don’t know what they’re doing wrong and don’t know how to correct it. But if this happens, then the company will not learn and improve further. Discipline must be implemented in order to succeed.


Call centres are great because they deal with both customers and employees. It’s important that call centre managers know this as well as employees know this. The success of the company plays a big factor in the success of each individual employee and how efficiently they work. If you do this, then your company will be succeeding at everything it does.

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