Advantages To Staying Lowkey And Letting People Assume

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What are the advantages to Staying lowkey and letting people assume? It’s easy to want to tell everyone all the time that your life is going well and make them think you’re doing better than they are. But it’s not always best if you do that. We’ve put together a list of reasons why it’s sometimes smarter to maintain a low profile, meaning you avoid giving away too much information about yourself and what you want from people (if anything at all).

Advantages to Staying lowkey and letting people assume

1) You can make mistakes without scrutiny

If you don’t broadcast your life to the world, no one will be harping on every mistake and mishap you make. This is a major benefit of keeping things to yourself.

2) People won’t be trying to change your situation

If you’re always talking about how great things are, people will think that’s the best way for it to be, and they’ll try to change your situation into the one you’ve described. If, however, everything is not as it seems, they’ll soon go away (and not in a murdery kind of way).

3) You can be spontaneous without scrutiny from others

If you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or being judged by people, you can do things that are a little out of character for you. You can act spontaneously and enjoy the new aspects of being lowkey. And when someone is lowkey, it’s not just the person who does it. It’s also their friends and family; the people who see them every day but don’t have any idea who is on the inside (if anything at all).

4) You can still be social at a place

You don’t have to avoid talking about your life if you go out with friends, but you can make sure you only talk about it as little as possible. It’s still okay to say happy things when someone brings up your situation, like “Yeah! I’ve been so much better lately.” And it’s okay to use big words if they seem appropriate. You don’t want them realizing any of the details, but you can still openly chat about anything else that comes up.

5) You can make new friends without scrutiny

Being lowkey means you can make friends with people without scaring them off because you’re new to the place and don’t know anyone. You can make friends by chatting about things that are relativity unimportant, like sports or a video game. And when you talk about what you want to do in the future, just be sure to avoid any major details that’d make it obvious that your current situation is not what it appears to be.

6) You save time

If you aren’t broadcasting information about yourself, there’s no need for you to listen to people repeat themselves. You’ll save time on both ends of the equation by staying lowkey.

7) You don’t have to be so careful

Being lowkey is truly liberating. You no longer have to worry that people are watching your every move and questioning where you disappear to every day. You can just live with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing no one is keeping track of what you do. It’s truly a win-win situation if you’re okay with a little dishonesty.

8) People will be curious about what you do

People should be curious about the things other people do, and they will keep asking questions and trying to find out more if they really want information. If you stay lowkey, they’ll assume that you’re not going to answer any questions, and they’ll forget about it as soon as possible. If you don’t talk about it, no one will ask.

9) You can still be open

If you’re lowkey, that means there’s nothing stopping you from being open and honest at times. If someone brings up your situation in conversation and asks what’s happened over the past few years, for instance, you can tell them everything. It doesn’t matter if others know or not; it’s only between the two of you. This is a major advantage of keeping things to yourself.


It’s really a matter of personality and choice. Some people are very open with their lives and the way they are, and they don’t mind if others do the same. But if you’re more private, lowkey is the way to go. This allows you to say things that aren’t true and still tell yourself that you’re being truthful.

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