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How to Manage Recurring Meetings in 2022

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Meetings are a reality of modern business, particularly after the covid19 pandemic. Let’s look at How to Manage Recurring Meetings in today’s era. They occur regularly in many different forms, with varying degrees of importance. Working in an office? You might have meetings for everything from your morning coffee date to the quarterly board meetings. Running your own business or side hustle? Meetings that happen weekly with clients or important vendors might be unavoidable. Now imagine trying to run your company without any meetings…

Why are meetings important?

Assuming you have distributed teams working remotely across the world, there will be a number of occasions when you need to gather your team in the same physical space or an online meeting for some important work.

It might be to run through a problem-solving session, plan upcoming projects or discuss upcoming client meetings. While you might have time-stamped agendas for these types of meetings, running a SaaS company, or running a business in general, it can be tough to pull everyone together for a physical meetup when it’s not convenient. However, there is a clear value in holding face-to-face meetings as these are key to successful collaboration.

The ability to sit down with your team and discuss the latest project plans is vital to making sure that you’re able to deliver on your marketing strategy and customer service goals.

The importance of the meeting, even if virtual, couldn’t be more crucial when it comes to your business growth and success. Whether it is sales, marketing or management, any business need to have an effective method in managing its regular meetings.

And this is where the meeting management software comes into play. It is designed for the purpose of managing the meetings so that you and your team can manage all your meetings from one platform.

How to Manage Recurring Meetings

1) Always communicate asynchronously

(when it is convenient for all) – this will help you not to face any problems with meetings. If it’s something that needs simple explanations and answers, using email or instant messaging is great, however, if it’s a complicated discussion, you should put some effort into making the meeting.

2) Make sure you follow the agenda for every meeting.

This ensures that you all stick to the plan, and follow it very carefully.

3) Have a specific time slot for your meeting.

Preferably fixed time as a reminder would be helpful. Know when everyone will actually be present so that no one can arrive late to your meeting.

4) Always discuss the important issues in advance, so that you all know what you are going to discuss.

5) Try to meet on different days for different kinds of meetings.

This will help keep the meeting more lively.

6) Set a maximum number of hours to have per person in a week.

This assists in meeting schedule planning and makes sure that there is absolutely no dead time and also the team members are not spending too much time in meetings, making them unproductive.

7) Agree on a maximum number of times you are going to meet ahead

This comes in handy so that you can plan accordingly and follow a schedule.

8) Try to avoid big meetings scheduled at the end of the week.

If this is unavoidable, limit the time it will take to have your meeting.

9) Involve everyone’s opinion in advance,

If possible, for better decision making and planning.

10) Have more robust instant messaging in place – Ensure there is a way to reach co-workers on a need-be basis during work hours effectively. Apps such as slack , Microsoft teams , google chat among many other apps – are great for this!


Whatever type of business you’re in, planning to avoid too many meetings is a great way to keep things moving forward!
No matter where you are with your company, how big it is and how much work is involved. It’s up to you to use the right tools, keep your communication flowing and manage your meetings effectively.

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